The NanoDx™ System 

  • Utilizes a patented nanosensor design that includes an array of highly sensitive nanowires used to measure electrical resistance.
  • Sensors are functionalized with antibodies that bind with target biomarkers.
  • The unique size and electrical properties of the nanosensors allow the detection of biomarkers and infections never before possible in a simple, portable, point-of-care system.

Real-Time Point-Of-Care Nanotechnology

  • Technology exploits the unique properties of nanomaterials to detect, measure and analyze physical quantities at the nanoscale level. 
  • An objective assessment of a quantitative measurement of biomarker levels.
  • Real-time measurement of biomarker binding 32,000 times/second provides greater sensitivity and specificity. 
  • Enhanced repeatability through direct change in electrical resistance without signal amplification or purification.


*The NanoDxTM System has not been evaluated by the FDA or other regulatory agencies.

Real-Time, Point-of-Care Diagnostics

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