Universal 4-Step Process

Patient gets an injury which can be identified in the bloodstream

A drop of blood is placed into the disposable cartridge and sealed for safety

Biomarkers attach to antibodies embedded in nanosensors, changing electrical resistance

Change in electrical resistance indicates an injury and is displayed on the handheld

Universal Cloud Connectivity

Systems are designed  for seamless IoT connectivity to the NanoDX cloud for real-time transfer & analysis of patient test results1

Offering Significant Value
to our Customers


  • Faster patient treatment & infection containment
  • Highly sensitive & reliable results
  • Simple, easy-to-use system


  • More patients treated in less time
  • Test location flexibility
  • Streamlined workflow increases staff productivity


  • Direct & indirect cost reduction versus lab testing
  • Increased patient throughput
  • Reduction of error and misdiagnosis

*The NanoDxTM System has not been evaluated by the FDA or other regulatory agencies.