The Technology

Universal 4-Step Process

Patient gets an injury which can be identified in the bloodstream

A drop of blood is placed into the disposable cartridge and sealed for safety

Biomarkers attach to antibodies embedded in nanosensors, changing electrical resistance

Change in electrical resistance indicates an injury and is displayed on the handheld

Real-Time, Point-of-Care

Nanosensor technology utilizes the unique properties of nanomaterials to detect, measure, and analyze physical quantities at the nanoscale level. Compared to traditional detection methods, nanosensors enable real-time monitoring and demonstrate significant advantages in cost.

Our licensing agreement with IBM Research for use of its metal-oxide semi-conducive (CMOS) compatible nanosensors gives us the potential to provide an objective and real-time assessment of injury or infection at a greater sensitivity and specificity than traditional and other point-of-care (POC) tests.

Our System utilizes a patented nanosensor design that includes an array of highly sensitive nanowires that measure electrical resistance and are functionalized with antibodies that bind with target biomarkers. The unique size and electrical properties of the nanosensors allow detection of biomarkers and infections never before possible in a simple, portable, point-of-care system.

*The NanoDxTM System has not been evaluated by the FDA or other regulatory agencies.