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BioDirection, Inc. Announces Appointment of Dr. Harry E. Rubash as Chairman of Medical Advisory Board

Boston, MA Mar 6, 2018 — BioDirection, Inc., a privately held medical device company developing novel and rapid point-of-care products for the diagnosis and management of concussions and other acquired traumatic brain injuries, today announced that the company has appointed Harry E. Rubash, MD, FAOA, as chairman of its medical advisory board.

“Dr. Rubash is an exceptional medical professional with a broad vision and perspective in new technologies and improving patient outcomes,” said Brian McGlynn, founder, executive vice president and chief technical officer of BioDirection. “Most importantly, he is a proven administrator with powerful leadership skills and we are honored to have him join our team.”

Dr. Rubash has more than 20 years of experience as a leading orthopedic surgeon, researcher, and educator. He is currently emeritus chief of the department of orthopaedic surgery at Massachusetts General Hospital, and the Edith M. Ashley professor of orthopaedic surgery at Harvard Medical School. Dr. Rubash has been recognized with awards and honors by organizations including the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, the Orthopaedic Research Society, the Orthopaedic Research and Education Foundation, the Hip Society and the Knee Society. He is widely published, authoring nine major textbooks and over 200 papers, and serves in editorial capacities for multiple journals and publications. Dr. Rubash earned a Bachelor of Science Summa Cum Laude and Doctor of Medicine Cum Laude from the University of Pittsburgh, where he also completed a fellowship and residency in orthopedic surgery. In addition, Dr. Rubash completed an AO reconstructive and trauma fellowship in Munich, Germany, and a hip and implant surgery fellowship at the Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School.

“I have been watching the development of BioDirection over the last couple of years, and the TbitTM System offers significant potential as a point-of-care platform for the diagnosis of concussions,” said Dr. Rubash. “The company is focused on the right market and addressing an enormous medical need, and I look forward to working with the other medical advisory board members in providing medical insight and guidance to BioDirection.”

Earlier diagnosis of a concussion can support more appropriate treatment decisions while reducing unnecessary head CT scans. BioDirection is developing the TbitTM System with a patented nanotechnology biosensor to rapidly detect and accurately measure protein biomarkers that are released from the brain immediately following a head trauma. The portable system allows for testing to be performed at the initial stages of medical diagnosis and intervention.