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BioDirection, Developer of Concussion Diagnostic Device, Selected as Finalist in Medtech Innovation Competition

Boston, MA – (BUSINESS WIRE) – BioDirection, Inc. announced today that its new Tbit™ platform, a rapid, point-of-care device for the objective identification of mild traumatic brain injury (concussion), has been selected by the Medical Device and Diagnostic Industry Journal (MDDI) as a finalist in its first ever Startup Showdown Competition. BioDirection’s Tbit™ platform utilizes patented bio-nanowire technology that can detect and measure minute levels of “biomarker” proteins released from the brain after a concussion. The technology provides first-in-class critical and objective information to aid in the diagnosis of a concussion from a single drop of blood in less than 90 seconds.

“We are honored to be recognized as a finalist in this competition sponsored by MDDI, one of the preeminent trade journals in the medical device and diagnostic industry. This acknowledgment underscores the urgent need for an objective test for concussions and validates BioDirection’s pioneering work to fulfill that need,” said Eric Goorno, Chief Executive Officer, BioDirection. “Traumatic brain injury has become a widespread concern, and the Tbit™ platform will provide front-line point-of-care personnel new objective information to aid in the immediate diagnosis of a concussion.”

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