Tbit System
Real-Time, Point-of-Care


The NanoDx System for TBI

The NanoDx™ System for TBI addresses existing diagnostic challenges by providing a quantitative assessment of traumatic brain injury from a finger stick of blood in a 2 minute test – all in a simple, low-cost system that includes a portable handheld, analyzer, disposable cartridges and secure software for seamless systems integration.

The NanoDx™ System for TBI uses a patented nanosensor technology platform to detect the presence of biomarker proteins (S100B & GFAP) in the blood and was awarded a breakthrough technology designation by the Food and Drug Administration. The level of biomarkers correlates to TBI severity and is displayed on a scale from mild to severe. In a preclinical IRB study, 100 patient blood samples were tested and resulted in a 100% sensitivity and 0 false negatives.

Patient gets an injury which can be identified in the bloodstream

A drop of blood is placed into the disposable cartridge & sealed for safety

Biomarkers attach to antibodies embedded in nanosensors, changing electrical resistance

Change in electrical resistance indicates an injury and is displayed on the handheld

*The NanoDx System for TBI has not been evaluated by the FDA or other regulatory agencies.